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About Ursula

Hi, I'm Ursula and welcome to My Heart of Europe.

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My travel guides provide comprehensive information to help plan the perfect trip to Switzerland and its neighboring countries, including when to visit, top places to go, getting around, accommodations, food, and costs. And along the way, I will share my passion for Italian cappuccino, French wine and Swiss cheese fondue. And basically every other type of food and drink from the world class cuisines you find in the heart of Europe.

In love with Switzerland

Switzerland has been my favorite vacation destination ever since I first visited with my parents many years ago. In 2007 I took my husband and son to experience the Swiss alps for the first time and we have been coming back every year. We fell so in love with the Swiss way of life that we decided to move to Switzerland in 2016. And now that we live in Switzerland, I grab every opportunity to explore the country I am in love with.

Exploring the heart of Europe

Whenever I have a bit more time, I plan trips a bit further away in Switzerland’s neighboring countries (Italy, France, Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein). I love a short solo city break in Torino in Italy, a week of wine tasting in the Bordeaux region of France with my husband, or a family road trip through the Austrian Alps or the Black Forest in Germany.

The Rest of the World

To be honest, I do not like traveling by air. My husband and son do like exploring the world, so once every few years I give in. And from time to time, they go on a father and son trip to far away places. Japan is their favorite destination.

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